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Big Buoy Lodge


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Bertram 31 Fleet

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Why Fish With us

Best Affordable All-inclusive Deep Sea Fishing Charters In Guatemala

VIP Fishing Vacations

Combine Mad Marlin Sportfishing’s extraordinary results with fine dining, pampered service,  tranquil settings, air-conditioned quarters, and a professional staff and crew catering to all your needs and you have all the necessary ingredients for the offshore fishing trip of your dreams. 

Fish & Stay Packages

Mad Marlin Sport Fishing’s all-inclusive fish & stay packages are affordable on almost any budget.   We offer offshore fishing charters in Guatemala at great value without cutting corners.  On head-to-head comparison with any other big game fishing charter service in our area, Mad Marlin will meet or beat any published pricing for equal services.

Day Charters

For clients who just want to fish with us and make their own provisions for transportation, food, beverages, and accommodations we offer economical day charters.  Our fishing charters are the same for everyone but these fishing-only plans are popular because these clients do not pay for services that they do not need. We offer the best rates in the Guatemala fleet and will beat or meet any offers for comparable services.

Check out our packages here.


Fish & Stay

Relax and chill out for great times and amazing experiences. We will make your deep sea fishing trip or family vacation an adventure that is filled with laughter and just plain old unadulterated fun.  Our captains and crews are among the best in the business and have great personalities to boot.  Though we take fishing very seriously as professionals, that does not mean we never play some pranks or offer a bit of teasing along the way. We strive to make all our clients a part of our fishing family that will share   a life-long relationship both on and off the water. Sportfishing can truly form unbreakable lifetime bonds.  Join us for the fishing trip that memories are made of.


Target sail fish, blue marlin, striped marlin, black marlin, dorado (mahi mahi), yellow fin tuna as close as 6 miles from the beach.  Inshore catch rooster fish, spanish mackerel, jack crevale, and more. We catch mostly blue marlin and striped marlin in Guatemala.  We do release several big black marlin each year but they are much more rare than the blue marlin and stripe marlin.

Conservation practices are a big deal in Guatemala so all sailfish, marlin, and rooster fish are protected species and 100% catch and release.


fishing school

Our anglers span a broad spectrum with regard to their individual fishing experience, ranging from novice to professional tournament anglers who fish with us to hone their skills before a big tournament. We offer real-time fishing training on our charters. Our captains and mates teach the fine details of all aspects of big game fishing, including the bait-and-switch technique. 

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